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Sustainable Michigan Retreat Inspired by the Elements

Design Milk

Overlooking West Grand Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan, the M-22 House sits along the top of a ridge and combines a touch of rustic with clean modern lines to blend in with the homes environment. With Michael Fitzhugh Architect at the helm, the house reveals itself, much like the views discovered once the back of the ridge has been ascended. The residence nestles in perfectly on the lot and fr

Win a copy of Little Prints


If you haven t already heard about the yellow owl workshop, then this is a great time to catch up! You also stand a chance to WIN a copy of the new book, Yellow Owl s Little Prints.Christine Schmidt started her art career at a very young age and by sheer hardwork she had grown the Yellow Owl Workshop to what it is today! You can recognize her works for their sophistticated yet playful aesthetic. R

Birdbnb: Birdhouse Models of Real Airbnb Listings

Design Milk

As part of their new advertising campaign, Airbnb launched Birdbnb to celebrate and to show similarities between the ever traveling bird and Airbnbs passion for travel. Birds continually take off and land in new places, always seeing the world from an enviable perspective and one that all travelers seek. To acknowledge the journey, Airbnb commissioned five artists to create birdhouse models of so

DIY Project: Fabric Gift Envelopes


My dad recently got me an awesome new tool for my DIY arsenal a serger, so Ive been dreaming up all sorts of ways to put it to use, including these easy fabric gift envelopes. If I do say so, these envelopes have a lot going for them a greener, reusable alternative to paper wrappings, potentially a great use of any fabric scraps you might have lying around, a touch glamorous with a contrasting,

Food In Motion: Christmas Cookies Two Ways


Hello everyone! We are Liz  Jewels with another episode of Food In Motion! Every month on decor8 we want to show you a video with a beautiful recipe that we like. Since we began in March weve alternated months, so I take one month and Jewels takes the next This month we have a special Christmas gift for you! The concept of our blog is that we challenge eachother every week: We cook, style and phot

45 Seconds of Infinity By Yayoi Kusama

Design Milk

There is no handle on the door that shuts behind you, leaving you standing on a narrow platform surrounded by water inside a mirrored cube, experiencing an infinity of flickering lights alone for only 45 seconds. That room, the most popular of two ?Infinity Rooms? by artist Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner Gallery in New York, presents two nearly impossible viewing challenges. First, the ?3 people o

The Homes I Have Made

House of Turquoise

It s about time we get into the holiday spirit around here! There have been so many beautiful and inspiring holiday home tours in the blogosphere lately, this one from Megan of The Homes I Have Made being one of my favorites! I love that she chose a turquoise, blue and silver color palette to complement her current decor and incorporated a ton of great DIY projects. That ornament and feather wreat

Cómo decorar tu casa con el color del año: PANTONE Orquídea Radiante

Decoración 2.0

Ya no queda nada para que podamos celebrar la entrada a un nuevo año y desde la empresa de colores por excelencia, PANTONE, han seleccionado el color del año 2014 que ha resultado ser, nada más y nada menos, que el PANTONE Orquídea Radiante 18-3224.Dejamos atrás el color verde esmeralda que reinó el pasado año 2013 en pasarelas de moda y en elementos decorativos, para dar la bienvenida a este vibr

DIY Copper Stars For Christmas Decor


Stars are symbols of Christmas, and there are many ideas to apply them in Christmas décor. Let?s make copper stars for your interior, you can use them as ornaments, make a garland of them. The supplies are copper shim, scissors, a star template, a pencil, a hammer, textured surface, strong craft glue, gloves, a nail and copper wire. Print your star template. Choose the size stars you would like. T

Novo Cult, de Irsap - Portal de decoración

Salir de la ducha o baera y envolverse en una toalla suave y clida es una sensacin nica. Ahora, podemos disfrutar de esta sensacin gracias al nuevo toallero Novo Cult de Irsap que destaca, por definirse como el toallero por excelencia.De lneas simples, su estructura est basada en dos colectores verticales semicirculares y tubos horizontales de 25 mm de dimetro, admitiendo una temperatura mxima de

Parrish Collection by Emeco & Konstantin Grcic

Design Milk

When you pair up German designer Konstantin Grcic with notorious chair manufacturer Emeco, you have one hell of a partnership. The Parrish Collection, designed through this collaboration, consists of lounge and side chairs, and tables that are comfortable but are made up of very little material. The collection was originally made for the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, New York, and the buildin

DIY Project: Winter Scene Painting Gift Toppers


Im mining the Rijksmusuems collection again for the loveliest, snowiest winter scenes perfect for another easy gift wrap idea. In fact, you may not even need to do any supply shopping to put this idea into action, and each package is literally a work of art. -Mandy Pellegrin The full how-to continues after the jump! (more)



Make your tiny bathroom gorgeous AND functional!


I think it s just my fate to always have a small bathroom. Even the master bathroom in our home is small, even for a regular bathroom.... We make do though, and the best solution I ve found is to use vertical space to create storage options. We have a cabinet installed over the toilet, and the towel rods are installed on the back of the door. Here is some more inspiration for fellow endurers of sm

Receta de Galletas de Jenjibre

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

Se acercan las vacaciones de navidad de nuestros niños y es el momento en que empezamos a pensar en cosas que podemos hacer con ellos para pasar esas tardes tan especiales.Para ocupar esas tardes con ellos, hoy os traemos una idea que les va a encantar a pequeños y mayores: preparar y decorar galletas de hombrecitos de jengibre.¿Os animáis?Me gusta haceros las cosas fáciles, así que os propongo do

Interior Design Based On Budget: Two Designs for Two Budgets

Interior Design Ideas

This is a great exercise for any home: imagine decorating your existing space first on a small budget (as most of us do!) and then on an ideal budget. Although the end results of each will look very different, both can look fabulous in their own way, just like these two design visuals for the same space by Boris Alexandrov.Option one gives the open plan layout an IKEA style makeover, complete with

Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Groups, Couples, and Families


Group gifts?presents that are, as their name implies, given to not one person, but couples, families, crowds, parties, roommates, and siblings?are wonderful for a number of reasons. For one, shared gifts allow the recipients to bond over shared time together. From Restoration Hardwares Town Hall Bingo game (above) to a stunning croquet set, games and shared activities are a wonderful way to bring

Ideas para hacer un candelabro.


Un listón de madera, un taladro, unas velas... y tienes un candelabro hecho a mano y muy decorativo.Con un listón de madera y un taladro, puedes hacer un candelabro para varias velas que además resultará muy decorativo.¿Recordáis la propuesta De listón de madera a marco para fotos ? Pues de aquel listón que ya utilicé para una bricomanualidad decorativa, me sobró un trozo. Y es precisamente ese t

Make Your Own Furniture With Design Components by Michael Bernard

Design Milk

Berlin-based designer Michael Bernard has a lot on his plate and we like every single thing. His furnishings seem to be centered around two basic principles: simple and sustainable. He creates objects that interact with things we either build ourselves or already have in order to make an entirely new piece that feels much more personal. The Leviathan table legs, made from lightweight wire-tubing

La mesa de Navidad

Casa Haus - Decoración

Si estás buscando ideas para poner la mesa de Navidad, quizá puedas tomar inspiración de nuestra decoración del año pasado. La monté con elementos sencillos en realidad, y el resultado fue muy lucidor y elegante; perfecto para un evento tan importante como la Nochebuena.If youre looking for ideas to set your Christmas table, perhaps you could take inspiration from our table setting from last y

Cosas mías · A personal thought

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor

En mitad de esta semana prenavideña, de frío, villancicos, turrones, lucecitas, felicitaciones y compras por doquier, os confieso que cada año con más intensidad, siento que lo que de verdad me encantaría es escaparme a algún sitio cálido sin rastro navideño durante unas semanas (¿puestos a soñar, qué tal India, Vietnam, Tailandia? y alejarme de todo este lío. No es que no me gusten las navidades;

Decoração- projetos diferentes usando impressora

Design e Decoração- Blog de Decoração

Uma boa impressora pode ser uma ferramenta perfeita para ideias de decoração. Já criei uma série de projetos, sendo um deles uma mensagem inspiradora para usar na moldura, como mostrei neste post.Estou sempre tentando encontrar maneiras diferentes de usar a impressora, uma das minhas maneiras favoritas de mimar a casa e a família! Se você ainda não usa uma impressora para deixar tesouros à vista,

Una cálida mesa de Navidad - Portal de decoración

Se acercan das de celebraciones, nochebuena, navidad, fin de ao y casi todas ellas las celebraremos entorno a le mesa, por eso hoy os traemos una propuesta muy clida y al mismo tiempo sofisticada, en la que os podris inspirar para montar vuestra propia mesa de navidad.Se trata de una decoracin que combina materiales naturales como la madera, la piel o los ladrillos, colores neutros como marrones,

Idea para guirnalda navideña

Decoración 2.0

Buenos días a todos, hoy os dejo con una práctica idea para realizar nuestra propia guirnalda navideña.Las guirnaldas son algo muy visto en Navidades, son prácticamente un sello.. como algunos colores clásicos.Vemos guirnaldas en el árbol, en algunos complementos de la casa.. también se pueden poner para decorar lámparas, muebles y mucho más.Pero en este caso la guirnalda es muy elegante y sobreto

Wooden Ornaments for a Merry X mas


A few weeks back, we received a (very generous) package from SCAAPI, full of their christmas ornaments. They come in a range of colored wool that you thread through a wooden base. Simple, no too over the top and gives a really natural feel! It also comes in a few different designs, some of the wooden bases are circular and there are others which look like a leaf, or a star.Like kids in a candy sto

Dormitorio de Bebé en gris con pinceladas de color

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

Cama, cuna de mimbre, silla Acapulco. También vemos colgada en la pared una caja de luz de un oculista, y una estantería para muñecos y cajas.Kika Estarellas, del estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo BONBA studio nos escribió un mail para mostrarnos uno de los últimos proyectos infantiles que han realizado, una habitación de bebé decorada con un tono tan neutro como el gris y animada con algunas

Wall System, de Antonio Citterio - Portal de decoración

Flos presenta las nuevas lmparas Wall System de Antonio Citterio. Wall System es una actualizacin de los modelos clsicos de lmparas de pared. El tamao es muy inferior al que estamos acostumbrados, puesto que la caja del transformador es una pieza independiente a la propia lmpara.Una caja de tamao estndar con los componentes electrnicos necesarios se empotra a la pared, combinando con cualquiera de

Idea para decorar con plumas navideñas

Decoración 2.0

Buenos días amigos, hoy os dejo una hermosa idea para decorar en Navidades. Si aún te falta algún detalle en tu hogar, espero que esta idea os guste tanto como a mi.Particularmente me parece una simpática opción, realizada con algunos elementos naturales como la rama y embellecida con hermosos adornos.Entre los adornos, que conforman el conjunto, se aprecian algunas plumas, esferas y piñas pequeña

Zapateros: organizar y almacenar calzado en casa - Portal de decoración

Organizar el calzado en casa no es una tarea sencilla. Menos mal que los diseadores de muebles y de accesorios para la casa saben que guardar zapatos es uno de los principales problemas de almacenamiento de los hogares, especialmente de las mujeres Te contamos las diferentes opciones para que puedas elegir calzado cada da desplegndolo ante ti Un sueo hecho realidad!En cuanto acumulas unos cuantos



I love that some of sweetest and most creative projects happen this time of year. From meaningful charities to beautiful pop-up art installations and shops, people seem to really open their hearts and minds around the holiday season. One of my favorite art-related surprises this season was Birdbnb. Airbnb decided to hire a wide range of artists to create birdhouse versions of some of their most i

Best of 2013 #7: Typography

PingMag : Art, Design, Life - from Japan

Its no secret that PingMag loves things. This might be crafts, monozukuri and product design but its also words. And it goes without saying that to make the words that appear on our printed pages and screens, typography is indispensable.We asked graphic designer and writer Ian Lynam for his choice of standout Japanese typography from the past year. What were the ten developments in typography tha

12 Cool IKEA Sideboards And Dressers Hacks


IKEA pieces are amazingly simple and stylish, ideal for creating a simple and sometimes rustic interior. But what if you want something brighter? You can take a plain IKEA dresser or sideboard and decorate it according to your taste and needs, and maybe change its function like making a bedside table or a desk from a dresser. Painting, staining, giving a vintage look and changing the handles are g

DIY Egg Carton Christmas Tree


If you are looking for a completely non-typical Christmas tree of some recycled materials, you?ll love this idea! The supplies are an egg carton, paper, beads, a glue stick, multi purpose glue and a pair of scissors. Cut out the ?trees?. Fold a paper star and glue it on the top of the tree. Apply glue on the outside of the tree using the glue stick and add beads where you want them ? that?s it- yo