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Sneak Peek: Jess + Mr. Lively


Jess Lively does everything With Intention. Shes coined herself an intentional designer, as she helps guide people to design their lives, homes and businesses with intention, consulting one-on-one and running workshops across the country (Chicago, Boston, San Fran and Austin are coming up soon!). The same is true for the home she shares with Mr. Lively (as hes known on the blog) and their little

Desde el Almacén Chic · From the Chic Warehouse

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor

Estas fotos van dedicadas a quienes queréis visitar el Almacén Chic y no se os arregla porque vivís lejos de Asturias. Esta mañana fui hasta allá bien pertrechada con mi cámara y saqué un montón de fotos para que os hagáis una idea de lo que hay en él ahora mismo... Y ya sabéis que podéis quedar conmigo cuando queráis para verlo, fines de semana incluidos ;)). Y cambiando de tema.... ¿Cómo van eso

En la cocina, enseña solo lo que tu quieras!

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La cocina es un espacio de trabajo, en el que trasteamos, preparamos platos, recogemos, fregamos, limpiamos y volvemos a empezar! A veces todo ese trabajo hace que nuestra cocina no sea el espacio ms ordenado de la casa, porque necesitamos tener al alcance de la mano utensilios que no destacan especialmente por su diseoPara estos casos se inventaron las cocinas ocultas, que cuando acabamos de trab

Sarah 101 + Coach Barn Giveaway!

House of Turquoise

Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe hit it out of the park once again on Sarah 101! The elegant design was inspired by the vintage French-inspired metal console you see above. I ve never seen anything like it! How gorgeous is that custom-made sofa too?? Love the huge antique gilded mirror behind it, it really opens up the space! Oh how I adore the serene color on the walls ( Eyelet from Sarah s col

Maison Air Lumière, de Velux

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El ltimo experimento del Grupo VELUX, Model Home 2020, es una vivienda modular que cumple los requisitos de Aktive House, donde los principios de energa, clima interior y medio ambiente se integran en el diseo del edificio. Maison Air et Lumire es una casa flexible, respetuosa con el medio ambiente que est diseada para garantizar el confort y la salud de la familia que la habita. Est basada en un

Debut sofa collection

Home Shopping Spy

Im beginning to think there really is a sofa for everyone at DFS as they have just teamed up with French Connection to launch a super-comfy 26-piece collection. If you were excited by French Connections hugely successful home launch back in April 2012, then I promise this will also appeal. Its smart and classic yet relaxed, with scrunchy linen fabrics, denim blues and chalky whites. Think luxury c

Sneak Peek: Rebekah Carey McNall of A & B Creative


Husband and wife Alex and Rebekah (or Alex and Bekah, as theyre known to friends) have lived in this Oakland, California, cottage for the past two years. The home was built in the early 20s and retains much of its original detailing, such as kitchen built-ins, original doorknobs, a working fireplace, octagonal bathroom tiles and crown molding throughout. Their overall decorating strategy was to u

Las sillas de imitación Eames del despacho del Rey


La comidilla del final de las Navidades ha sido la entrevista de Jesús Hermida al Rey, retransmitida por Televisión Española. En la entrevista, además de escuchar las opiniones del monarca, pudimos atisbar a fondo el despacho del rey y descubrimos que se sienta en sillas similares a las Aluminium Group de Charles Ray Eames según descubrió el bloguero Jesús Encinar. Mirando a fondo, las butacas e

Sifón empotrado, de Geberit

DecoEstilo.com - Portal de decoración

Geberit ofrece su sifn empotrado Geberit, una solucin innovadora que consigue un bao mejor. Esta solucin hace desaparecer el sifn del lavabo. De esta forma, se gana espacio para guardar objetos debajo de la pila del lavabo y se consigue ms libertad para decorar el bao.Al mismo tiempo es la solucin perfecta para el diseo de baos de hospitales, residencias, etc, cuyos usuarios son personas con movil

Change of Art Frame Gallery Giveaway

Design Milk

The following post is brought to you by Change of Art®. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Im one of those people who has collected tons of prints and photos, but theyre not on the walls. Instead, theyre stored all over the house most of them under a bed or still in a cardboard tube. I always say, one of these days, Im going to frame th

DIY Feather Ornament Garland


Holiday is high time to decorate your house with amazing ornaments or garlands! Feathers are a fashionable trend today, why not make a piece of them ? your home would be stylish and unusual. The supplies are clear ornaments, feathers and sparkly trimmings or ribbons. Remove the caps from all of your ornaments and place a feather into each of your ornaments. To create a holiday look, dip the feathe

Casas de famosos: Annie Leibovitz


Podríamos convenir en que Annie Leibovitz es una de las fotógrafas más famosas del mundo. Delante de su cámara han posado actores, actrices, modelos, cantantes, escritores, reyes podríamos decir que si eres alguien hoy en día te ha fotografiado esta mujer. La artista ha puesto a la venta su casa del West Village de Nueva York, con sus trece chimeneas y sus más de 900 metros cuadrados, así que hem

Morning Inspiration: Quick Leaf Bouquet


One of the best and worst things about coming back to the office after a long break is plant maintenance. We have a dozen or so plants around our space, ranging from bonsai trees and tiny succulents to giant false aralias and clovers. Despite my best efforts, a few of them needed some wilting leaves pruned, so I decided to use the cast-offs to create a small arrangement by the front door. In the e

Pull Lamp by Whatswhat for Muuto

Design Milk

The latest design to launch from Scandinavian design house Muuto is the Pull Lamp, designed by the Stockholm-based studio Whatswhat. Pull was the 2010 winner from Muutos annual competition where design students have historically had their winning designs produced by the company. The interactive lamp features a playful detail that allows the user to pull the shade to a lower position as needed. T

Human/House/Harvey: Color Block


When it comes to color, I much prefer a solid to a pattern. I have a deep appreciation for the many shades, tones and hues of a color (and a bit of an obsession with Pantone). I never picked up on the color-blocking rage of this past year, so Im just now discovering the wonders in a palette of solid color pairings. Here is a selection of some personal favorites for me, my home and my pup. ? Stepha

Squaring, la estantería mutante


No, tranquilos, aunque Squaring sea una estantería mutante no os leerá el pensamiento a lo Charles Xavier ni arrasará la casa con el rayo óptico de Cyclope, simplemente es una estantería capaz de cambiar de forma con solo empujarla con un dedo. Así es, a pesar de que parece tan modosita, con sus nueve cuadrados tan bien alineados formando uno más grande, con su pequeño tamaño y sus ordenadas prop

Current Obsessions: Cozy Blankets + Throws


Last weekend I found myself pulling a second throw on top of my sweatshirt and blanket on the couch. My landlord insists the heat is working fine, but Im pretty sure my apartment building is heating-challenged. Thankfully, my cat doubles as a pretty efficient lap and foot heater, but I think Im going to need an extra blanket or two to get through winter without wearing one of these 24/7. So this w

Decorar combinando estampados

Decoración 2.0 » , Decoración 2.0

Hasta pocos años atrás, combinar estampados era muy limitado en la moda y en la decoración. No podías permitirte más que un estampado combinado con algo sólido, algo más solía resultar muy chocante. Así que ahora que la moda se ha flexibilizado, también en la decoración podemos aprovechar al máximo combinar estampados para crear ambientes.Y claro que puedes ser tan creativa como quieras, sobretodo

Furniture That Looks Like It?s Peeling: Splinter by Nendo

Design Milk

Nendo launched a new collection of furniture called Splinter for the Japanese manufacturer Conde House. Each wooden component looks as if it is peeling away, or splintering, to allow for hooks to hold coats, a single rod to become three table legs, or the backs of a chair to become armrests. The thicker parts of the wood remain that way to provide the stability that each piece needs, while the m

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters by Suck UK

Design Milk

Lets be real, there are two things that youre never too old for playing with your food and dinosaurs. Add baking cookies to the mix and you have your inner childs fantasy. Am I right? You have Suck UK to thank for this trifecta of fun in the form of their 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters. Each pack contains the shapes to craft one of four 3D dinosaurs including: Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tric

Hey! We Need a DIY Contributor!

Design Milk

Three years in a row you guys indicated in our Reader Survey you wanted more DIY projects on Design Milk. Well, Im not a very good DIY kind of gal, so I think its best left to a true DIY enthusiast! Thats why Im hiring a DIY contributor. Could it be you? To clarify, DIY doesnt just mean home improvement a DIY could be anything from a bracelet to a lamp to a holiday gift. I am not looking for a h

Como hacer un topiario

Decoración 2.0 » , Decoración 2.0

Buenos días amigos! Hoy en nuestro espacio queremos hacer un topiario en forma de cono, con un poco de brillantina.Es una idea genial para reutilizar algunos de los artículos que hemos tenido en estas fiestas y además para decorar cualquier rincón de tu hogar.Ya sea para una habitación infantil, para las próximas fiestas o para cualquier evento, estos conos tienen un resultado de lo más atractivoS

peddle s new office space


Alter Studio and One Eleven Design created a beautiful balance between the raw architecture and the contemporary interior of this new office space for Peddle, an internet company. The simplicity of the white palette and the reclaimed wood allows key features to shine, such as the blend of vintage and punchy furniture and lighting.From Alter: Originally built in the 19th century as a general store,

DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper For New Year Gifts


Christmas is here but New Year will come soon! We still buy some presents to make our beloved happy. To make the gifts more special, don?t forget to wrap them and decorate as you like. For this stamped wrapping paper you?ll need Circular felt pads with adhesive backing, unsharpened pencil, stamp pads, tissue paper, pencil eraser topper. Put your felt stamp onto the unsharpened end of the pencil. L

Haz un Portalápices con latas recicladas

Decoración 2.0 » , Decoración 2.0

Buenos días amigos! Hoy, en nuestro espacio de siempre, os contamos como hacer este práctico portalápices, con algunas latas de conserva.Seguramente tendrás en casa latas de conserva, cuando las utilices no las tires, siempre puedes hacer multitud de objetos nuevos y alargarles la vida.Las latas tienen mucha salida, a la hora de reciclar. Podemos hacer una gran cantidad de cosas con ellas, hoy por

Comprar alimentos en orígen para comer más sano

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Cansado de comprar hortalizas, frutas y verduras sin sabor? Harto de escuchar que algunas marcas de aceite de oliva venden productos de inferior calidad en los supermercados? Prueba a comprar estos alimentos directamente en origen y te sorprender su calidad y saborCunto ha cambiado la produccin y distribucin de los alimentos en los ltimos aos! Las nuevas variedades procedentes de injertos y las fo

Smart Use of Space: Ogikubo House by MDS

Design Milk

With Tokyos building limitations due to small plots of land at high prices, you can bet builders want to get their moneys worth. In order for MDS to meet the clients desires for the Ogikubo House, they pushed the limits of the property line by building three boxes on the edges and connecting them with a central staircase. This avoided having to build a tiny structure behind a mammoth wall. The d

I start in Singapore...


a new day, a new year, a new beginning ... I am very much looking forward to an exciting New Year at Bloesem. The focus will be more on in-depth original content ?  Like I said last week on BKids : ... I like spending more time making nice posts than tweeting, facebooking and pinning ... this social media rat-race has taken me away from the thing I really love to do and that is finding and making

Light-Filled Contemporary Living Rooms

Interior Design Ideas

Warm natural light floods these nearly neutral living rooms making them the ideal place to while away the hours with company or curled up in the corner of the sofa with a favorite book. Each of these inviting spaces show that modern and contemporary decor can in fact be quite livable not cold and unwelcoming as we often hear.The marble walls and floor in this elegant contemporary living room are t

Sneak Peek: Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius


Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius live in an old house that was originally a tenement for immigrants working in the nearby 9th Street stall market in South Philly (also known as Bella Vista or Italian Market). They wanted to honor its age while creating a clean and modern living space. The couple is a pair of illustrators who work together and have made images for everything from books to advertisem

Receita de Casa

Design e Decoração- Blog de Decoração

Para desejar boas vibes em 2013, divido com você este texto, compalavras e sentimentos que eu acredito muito :)Receita de CasaUma casa deve ter varandas para sonhar,cantos confortáveis para chorar,salas bonitas para os amigos bem receber,cantos para os segredos desabafar,para as confidências, e para o bem amar.Uma casa precisa um ninho ser,pois o amor precisa de espaço pra crescer,de alguns empurr

Escritorios, secreters, burós... · Inspiration: desks

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor

...pupitres, escaños, mesas... mil denominaciones y formas, colores, tamaños y medidas con un objetivo común: convertirse en lugares ideal donde crear, pensar, estudiar o trabajar sean lo más cómodos y funcionales posible. Y ahora que empieza el año y con él muy posiblemente sueños y proyectos, nada mejor que empezar creando un rincón en casa donde poder inspirarnos y llevarlos adelante. Con un pe

Decoração de Férias- Vaso de Orquídeas

Design e Decoração- Blog de Decoração

Criatividade é tudo bom nesta vida.E para começar a semana, pensei neste post para mostrar uma pequena delicadeza que garimpei, nas minhas andanças por novidades decorativas.Já tinha visto vários tipos, formatos, cores e materiais de vasos, mas nenhum tão delicado com este: pequenaspérolas, contornam o vaso, como se fosse um colar. Foi amor à primeira vista (suspiro!)Fica como dica, comprovando q

Pon cortinas en tu vida


Si hay algo que de prestancia a una ventana o a un vano son las cortinas. Ya esté vestida la ventana con estores o con finos visillos, las cortinas dan el punto elegante y cálido y dejan las ventanas bien vestidas. Dependiendo del interiorismo de cada casa pueden ser de diferentes tejidos, pero cuanto mayor sea la caída y cómo reposen sobre el suelo o los diferentes accesorios como agarraderas, a

26 Fantastic DIY Natural Scrubs


A scrub is a necessary thing for every girl ? a face scrub, a lip scrub, a hand scrub or a body scrub. You can make any scrub you need yourself, it?s very easy! Use any additions and aromas you like ? rosemary, sugar, coffee, brown sugar, salt or honey, lavender or citrus, coconut or shea or vanilla ? choose your favorite one! A body scrub may be with larger and more rough particles, while a lip s